General sales conditions

In absence of specific agreements, find below the general sales conditions applied by S.I.F.RA. EST S.p.a. (Manufacturer) for the supply of its goods:

  1. Prices, Terms of delivery and Terms of payment are indicated in the Order Confirmation that the Customer receives from the Sales Office of the Manufacturer.

  2. The Customer will have to transfer to the Manufacturer’s account the exact amount indicated in the invoice. The Foreign and Intermediate Bank’s charges will have to be paid by the Customer. The Manufacturer, instead, will pay all costs related to the Italian Bank.

  3. Goods will be supplied according to the technical specs in case agreed and according to the technical drawing signed for approval by the Customer.

  4. Goods delivered must be inspected by the Customer not later than 14 days from their receipt (i.e. Incoming inspection). During this period the goods must be stored properly so to preserve their physical-chemical characteristics.

  5. Possible complaints must be addressed in writing by e-mail ( not later than 14 days from goods’ receipt, with the exception of hidden defects that could not be detected during the incoming inspection.

  6. In case of a complaint the Customer must place the goods at Manufacturer’s disposal for not less than 30 days so that the latter, in debate with the former, can make technical inspections “in loco”.

  7. In no way the goods complained can be either used or disposed within the above period without the approval of the Manufacturer, under penalty of losing any claim possibly issued.

  8. In case of a debate generated by Customer’s claims, goods must be stored by the Customer till the debate is over, under penalty of losing any claim possibly issued.

  9. In case the complaint will be accepted by the Manufacturer, the goods could be either returned or disposed by the Customer. In the first case, the goods will have to be returned in the original packaging without evident manumission (with the obvious exception of those packages object of the inspection). In the second case, the goods’ disposal has to be appropriately certified (i.e. written original docs with signature and/or photo reports).

  10. In particular cases and/or for specific products, S.I.F.RA. EST S.p.a., under its own control, supervision and authorization, can outsource production on OEM basis.


  1. The Manufacturer advises that PVC as well as PP bags (whether supplied by the Manufacturer itself or produced by the Customer with components and raw-materials supplied by the Manufacturer) should be steam sterilized, after filling, by an autoclave with adequate counter-pressure and according to the parameters indicated in EuPh 5.1.1 (121°C for 20 min - steam sterilization).

  2. Bags, both in PVC as well as in PP, can also be sterilized, before filling, by irradiation.

  3. n the cases above indicated at point 1 and 2, the responsibility on the process, integrity and sterility of the finished product lays exclusively on the Customer.

  4. It is advisable to protect the bags, both in PVC as well as in PP, with an adequate over-pouch (i.e. secondary packaging).

  5. It is advisable to store PVC tubular films and tubes as well as PP flat films and tubes between 18°C and 20°C for at least 48 h before use.