S.I.F.RA EST S.p.a. is a vertically-integrated Enterprise with 4 independent, but strongly interconnected, Production Departments:
Compounding, Extrusion, Bag-Welding and Injection Molding


Surface: 500 mІ (5.400 ftІ)
Macchine: 1
Annual capacity: over 5,0 million Kilograms (11,0 million lb.)


The granulation equipment, following the most stringent GMP and ISO norms, manufactures granules (ranging from ShA 57 up to ShA 89) of soft non-toxic PVC, named SIFLEX®, addressed to the extrusion and injection molding of medical semi-finished products. The plant, totally built in stainless steel and fully automatic, has an annual production of approximately 5,0 million Kilograms (11,0 million lbs.) of high-quality granules.


Surface: 1500 mІ (15.000 ftІ)
Machines: 12
Annual capacity: approximately 6,0 million Kilograms (13,0 million lbs.)


The Tube Division, through the extrusion process, transforms SIFLEX® granules into SIFTUBE® tubes having different dimensions, ShA hardness, finishing and packaging according to the different types of medical devices (i.v. giving sets, blood transfusion sets, PD drainage systems and so on) they’re addressed to.

Furthermore, this Division manufactures PVC-FREE co-extruded tubes (under Magiflex® brand name) to be used to make flexible PVC-FREE bags for the Pharma Industry.

The Tubular (Layflat) Film Division transforms SIFLEX® granules into SIFLAT® tubular (layflat) films having different width and thickness depending on the type of flexible container (i.e. bag) it will generate (PVC drainage, i.v. solution or dialysis bags and so on).

The Flat Film Division, through a co-extrusion quenching process, produces PVC-FREE co-extruded films (under the Magiflex® brand name) to be used to make flexible PVC-FREE bags for the Pharma Industry.


Surface: 1000 mІ (10.900 ftІ)
Machines: 7
Annual capacity: approximately 90,0 million bags


The production of flexible bags is carried out by the Bag-Welding Department that consists of two Divisions: PVC Division and PVC-FREE Division.
The PVC Division, located in a 750 mІ “controlled environment” room, consists of 5 fully automatic machines.
The PVC-FREE Division, located in a 250 mІ “controlled environment” room, consists of 1 fully automatic machine.


I connettori per le sacche sono terziarizzati in regime OEM

Surface: 200 mІ (2.150 ftІ)
Machines: 3
Annual capacity: approximately 25,0 million twist-off.
Out-sourced annual capacity: approximately 20,0 million connectors.


The Injection Molding Department, manufactures soft PVC connectors with pierceable membrane (i.e. twist-off) that will be later assembled to the PVC SIFLEX PACK® bags. Other connectors (i.e. made with different plastics) are out-sourced under license.


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